John de Ruiter Podcast
John de Ruiter is a Canadian author and spiritual leader. He holds weekly meetings from his home base in Edmonton, Alberta, where he established the College of Integrated Philosophy in 2006. John has been offering seminars online and in Alberta since 2020, resulting in conversations with people all over the world. As an innovative voice for spiritual evolution, John de Ruiter teaches that life's meaning can be known and lived through "core-splitting honesty," a concept he discovered in his teens after a profound awakening to foundational levels of existence. Ever since, John’s life and teaching have been informed by that direct knowing. His desire to communicate these ideas led to two books, “The Intelligence of Love: Manifesting Your Being in This World” and “Unveiling Reality.” John’s teachings focus on a willingness to let go of your ego and desires: He draws a distinction between your self and your soul, as well as your mind and your being. When teaching a group, John prefers to interact with audience members one-on-one, rather than addressing a whole crowd. This method results in fascinating and intimate dialogues. Find more information about him at

Title: What is The Meaning of Life? How to Be Real in a Crazy World. 

Location: November 2, 2016 Morning - Netanya, Israel Retreat. 

Quote: What to be is really simple. It is baby simple. What to be that works is honest: not honest to what you think, not honest to what you feel, not honest to what your body tells you, but you being honest to your heart. 

Info: People are responding worldwide to John and his message of knowing and meaning. John currently holds events in India, Israel, Canada and several countries in Europe. These international retreats include meetings, informal gatherings and oftentimes meals shared with John. The informal gatherings with John are a more conversational format, often filled with laughter, practical topics, and dynamism. The connections may also be deep and still, as the awakenings of formal meetings continue to develop. People also connect via webcast as part of a wider international community. 

Canadian Philosopher John de Ruiter is an innovative voice for spiritual evolution, teaching that lifes meaning can be known and lived through core-splitting honesty. In his teens, John awakened to foundational levels of existence. Ever since, his life and teaching have been informed by that direct knowing, a true inspiration that he encourages in others. 

Johns meetings include silence, connection by eye-contact, and dialogue. They are an opportunity to come to rest while actively realizing deeper levels of being human, knowing what we really are, and allowing that greater reality to change our lives. 

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